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News & Updates


((( Roots and Wings, Asheville )))

I'm excited to announce that I've relocated to Asheville, NC! My new studio is in the Roots and Wings School of Art and Design- a big thank you to Ginger Huebner for helping me make the transition.  For those of you not familiar with the music scene here, get ready.. It's like a mini Austin..   


((( Hotel for Strangers, Terrorbird, MS Systems sponsorship, Troubadour )))

HFS is proud to announce a new licensing deal with Terrorbird. A big thanks to Josh Briggs- very exciting, an amazing company... A recent Troubadour show with Grizfolk and Knox Hamilton led to a sponsorship with MS Systems, too. They're putting out some amazing new effects pedals, and the support is greatly appreciated.


((( I just won a Platinum Record! )))

Jennifer Lopez's record "Booty" just went platinum- woohoo!  


((( Taryn Southern, Ari herstand original, duet )))

Just finishing up a beautiful song that Taryn and Ari wrote, "I love You But.."You can check it out here- be sure to click on the duet version, too. 


((( State to State signs publishing deal with True Music

Congrats, guys!  

((( The Rentals return, Polyvinyl release!
Matt Sharp is at it again! The former Weezer bassist/songwriter will release "Lost in Alphaville" later this summer, featuring Patrick Carney of the Black Keys, Ryen Slegr of Ozma, and amazing female vocals from the band Lucius. Matt and I spent some late nights getting everything ready for mixing, but I assure you- it was worth it.. 



((( I Just Won a Gold Record! )))

Jennifer Lopez's "Booty" just went gold!This is my first gold record, and I'm very excited.



((( New J.Lo drops 6/17, Capital records

It's finally done!A.K.A. will be released in mid June, following the release of the first single, "I Luh Ya Papi." A big thanks to uber producer/ industry legend Cory Rooney (Lopez, Mariah Carey, Macy Gray), and all of Jen's staff and support team.It was an absolute pleasure.



((( I'd Like That Toasted, Please..

I just finished up composing music for a short film and commercial spot for Quiznos. It's directed by the talented Oren Kaplan, and produced by Windowseat.



((( Bullet in the Face, new IFC series

Congratulations to Amanda Baumann!A track we worked on has been chosen as the theme song for IFC's new violent comedy "Bullet in the Face," starring Eddie Izzard, Kate kelton, and Eric Roberts. Amanda will be performing at Coachella with "Women of Dub," followed by a string of European dates.



((( ABC's "This Week in News" 

New York trumpet master Matt Saba stopped by the studio to track horns for ABC's "This Week in News."He killed it.


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by my friends



Amy White- "Clouds" ((( mixing )))

Rich Girl Poor Boy- "All Tact No Grace" (((producer, engineer, mixing, mastering)))

David Divad- "Forget That Part Before EP" ((( mixing )))

Mike Martinez- "Wonder EP" (((engineer, mixing, mastering)))

Billy Goodrum- "Making Movies EP" (((engineer, mixing, mastering)))

Natural Born Leaders- "About Time" (((producer, engineer, mixing)))

Seeing Thingz- "Derivitave" (((mixing, mastering)))  

Jessica Gerhardt- "In the End" (((producer, engineer, mixing, mastering)))  

Amanda Bauman- "First Light " (((producer, engineer, composer, mixing, mastering))) 

Two Channels- "Madness for Two"  (((Mixing, mastering)))

To Emmylou- "A Tribute to Emmylou Harris" (((engineer,bass ))) 

Brad Standley- "Come Home" (((producer, engineer, mixing, mastering)))

Aliya Hashemi- "Tiny Pills EP"  ((( producer, engineer, mixing, mastering)))

Hotel For Strangers- "Bat Face Girl EP"   ((( producer, engineer, composer, mixing  )))

Taryn Southern, King Bach- "Netflix and Chill."  (((vocal engineer)))

Face Killer "Shallow Dive Warning"  ((( vocal engineer )))

Taryn Southern and Ari Herstand "I Love You But.."  ((( producer, engineer, mixing, mastering )))

Ari Herstand and Julia Price "Girls Your Age"  ((( engineer, mixing, mastering )))

The New Neighbors- "Old Friends" ((( mastering )))

David Divad- "Healing Hands"    ((( mastering )))

Ari Herstand- "Ordinary Times"    ((( producer, engineer, mixing, mastering )))

Bearfalo- "Haunts"  (((producer, engineer, mixing, mastering )))

Barstool Astronaut- "We Were Always Wandering EP"  ((( mixing, mastering )))

Quiznos- "commercial spot" ((( composer, production, mixing, mastering )))

Great Outwest- "Volume One"  ((( co-producer(w/ David Irelan), engineer, mixing )))

Madeline Fuhrman  "Secrets"   ((( co-producer (w/ Michael Long), engineer )))

Amy White "Melodia"  ((( engineer, mixing, mastering ))

Jennifer Lopez- "A.K.A."  ((( engineer, mixing, "Tens" featuring Jack Mizrahi ))) 

The Rentals- "Lost in Alphaville"  ((( post production engineer )))

Feronia- "Words Like Rainfall EP"  ((( producer, engineer, mixing, mastering )))

Zeta Wave- "Over Ep"  ((( producer, engineer, mixing, mastering )))

Dylan Jenet- "Universal"  ((( engineer )))

Jennifer Lopez- "AMA Celia Cruz tribute"  ((( engineer )))

Jennifer Lopez - "L'Oreal ((( voiceover engineer )))

Jennifer Lopez- "Nuvo TV spots" ((( voiceover engineer )))

Nuvo TV- "commercial spots "  ((( engineer, mixing, mastering )))

Jennifer Lopez- "The Boy Next Door" ((( voiceover engineer )))

Reuben Studdard ft, Lalah Hathaway- "With You I'm Born Again" ((( engineer, mixing )))

Julia Ara- "Poison, Criminal" (((engineer, mastering )))

Foxlore - "Antisocial" ((( mastering )))

State to State- "No Bounds" ((( mixing )))

Barstool Astronaut- "Monochrome EP" ((( mixing, mastering )))

Handshakes- "Villains and Crooks" ((( producer, engineer, composer, mixing )))

Bonfires- "Self-titled"  ((( engineer, mixing )))

Mojo Stone- "Strange Honey" ((( co-producer (w/ Matt Linesch), engineer, mixing )))

Always Press Record- "Lonely Disco"  ((( producer, engineer, mixing, mastering )))

Owls- "Hurt"  (((co-producer (David Irelan), engineer, mixing, mastering )))

AmA- "Alchemy EP"  ((( producer, engineer, composer, mixing, mastering )))

The Leisurelies- "Solid Ground EP"  ((( producer, engineer, mixing )))

Fight Friendly- "Neapolitan"  ((( producer, engineer, mixing )))

Dog Years- "Feature Film, directed by Warren Sroka" ((( Engineer, soundtrack mixing )))

ABC- "This Week in News" ((( engineer )))

Yerak- "Ariang EP"  ((( mastering )))

Sherel Ann- "Baby Doesn't Live Here Anymore"  ((( mastering, audio restoration )))

Terence Sheehan- "Curious Light"  ((( producer, engineer, mixing, mastering )))

Hello Elletra- "Bite My Tongue"  ((( producer, engineer, mixing )))

Sequoia- "Feature film directed by Andy Landen"  ((( post production engineer )))

Seeing Thingz-"Question Who"

IFC-  "Bullet in the Face theme"  ((( producer, engineer, composer, mixing, mastering )))

Handshakes- "Cryptozoology" ((( producer, engineer, composer, mixing )))

Dubblestandart "Slow Motion, Trigger "  ((( engineer )))

Rachel Adell- "Unpainting the Roses Red"  ((( producer, engineer, composer )))

AmA - "Sweet Spot" ((( producer, engineer, composer, mixing, mastering )))

Michael Long- "Take My Name" ((( mastering )))

The Magnetics- "Woman on Fire "  ((( engineering, mixing )))

Venom Lab- "Now We're Cooking With Gas"  ((( mastering )))

Raquel Ramos- "Pull Me Home" ((( producer, engineer, mixing )))

Jim Hudson- "Red Savant"  ((( engineer )))

Music for Parties- "Punk Discounts" ((( producer, engineer, composer, mixing, mastering )))

Ben Bolton- "Down We Go"  ((( producer, engineer, mixing )))

Sputnik Monroe- "The Great Depression Celebration Part II"  ((( composer )))

Sputnik Monroe - "The Great Depressions Celebration Part I"  ((( composer )))

Raquel Ramos- 'West Side Butter Pecan Life" ((( Producer, engineer, mixing )))

Ginger- "Jesus Must Be High"  ((( engineer, mixing, mastering )))

A Thing About Machines- "Sharks"  ((( engineer, mixing, mastering )))

Johnny Collins- "Hello Corporation"  ((( mixing, mastering ))) 

Sputnik Monroe - "Wake the Sleeping Giant"  ((( composer )))

XDoa- "To Summer" ((( mixing, mastering )))

California Conga- "Spill"  ((( Producer, engineer, mixer )))

MTV Music Awards - "Best Video spot"  ((( composer )))

The Leisurelies- 'March to the Heart of the Sun" ((( co-producer (w/ Matt Linesch), engineer, mixing)